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TEL 096-288-0170


“Next-generation Designer’s Capsule Hotel” has opened right in front of Kumamoto Station.
The features of Capsule hotels/ Business hotels/ Guesthouses are integrated into an accommodation with new sensations like never before.
More economical with more luxurious space than Business hotels.
A new suggestion for customers who are not fond of capsule hotels
Extending our cordial hospitality, we offer a relaxing time and space for your trip.


Check the location by Google Map
[Shinkansen/ Local Train]
2-minute walk from Shirakawa Exit (East Exit) of JR Kumamoto Station
[Kumamoto City Tram]
1-minute walk from "Kumamoto Eki-mae" tram stop
Approx. 10 km from "Kumamoto IC" of Kyushu Expressway.
1-minute walk from Kumamoto Station (No. 1) bus stop


Kumamoto Shintoshin Plaza,
1-14-1 Kasuga, Nishi-ku, Kumamoto City


Tel 096-288-0170


Highly functional,
compact rooms

The mattress is firm and thick. It provides you with a good sleep. Large rooms are available for groups of 4 to 10 guests aside from single and twin rooms. *All rooms are separated by room dividers without sound insulation walls.
*The rooms have unlockable curtained entrance apart from some rooms with doors.

We made it possible to provide one room per person per night at a low cost of 3500 yen (tax and service charge included, weekdays).*The price is different during the on season.

We confidently recommend to you who want to stay more comfortably than in a Capsule hotel but more reasonably than a Business hotel.


Impressive lounge bar with a large aquarium inside
You can enjoy evening drinks wearing the room robe at the Aquarium Bar while viewing tropical fish in the large tank. The bar staff will welcome you and offer great hospitality. Having a glass of highball, mojito or local Shochu, you can relax and unwind before bedtime.


Free space located next to
the lounge bar.

Throw yourself down on the floor and have a relaxing time here. ZASHIKI counter is very useful when using a computer.


A total of 15 separated men’s and women’s shower booths.

More than enough hair driers are provided at the bathroom sink. There is no need to wait when using in a large group.


A variety of amenities is provided.

All necessary items are prepared for unexpected stays.


ゲスト レビュー アワード 続々受賞


  • Guests with co-sleeping babies or children of preschool age cannot use the facility.
  • There’s no sound insulation wall between rooms. You may hear noises such as mobile alarms, footsteps, snoring and so forth.
  • Wake-up call service is not available
  • There’s no safety box. Please be responsible for your valuable belongings.
  • No eating or drinking is allowed in the room. Please enjoy food/drinks brought from outside of the facility at “ZASHIKI” free space.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the entire building. Please use the smoking space located next to the laundromat.


Business Trip to Kumamoto

Meeting is over
Drink a toast with local dishes
Worried about the last train…
OK. I’m gonna stay at Gate!
Maybe I’ll have another drinking bout for \1000 with the all-you-can-drink!?
Maybe I’ll enjoy the whole-body care and unwind!?
Checking out the next morning
Got to the station in 5 minutes
Arrived at work with plenty of time to spare
2-minute walk to Kumamoto Station
It’s possible to go to work from Kumamoto by Shinkansen!

Group/Family Trip

Let’s go to Kumamoto on the next holiday
Four of us has to be divided into 2 rooms…
At Gate, all 4 of us can stay together in one room!
No need to wait to use the shower or sink
Let’s come back to Kumamoto again
Various Room Types

Large rooms are available for groups of 4, 6, 8, and 10 guests aside from single and twin rooms.
Experience staying together with your good friends and families to create great memories of the trip.

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